OUR FARM STAND IS OPEN 7am to 7pm every day of the year.










b9779065b3e6b1c70d663f64850a83eaAbove: Butterkäse 

Since the early Spring 2014 we have been partnering with Benjamin Meier at Abbott Hill Creamery at Temple Wilton Community Farm in Wilton, NH to produce a variety of aged cheeses made with our own certified organic 100% grass-fed milk. In the first year we experimented with a varieties of cheese to find those that best bring out sweetness and complexity of flavor of the milk produced by our cows. We arrived at two varieties: a 6 month aged alpine Bundner bergkäse style cheese we call Souvenir, and a 2 month aged gouda.

Our cheese is currently available at the farm stand in Goffstown.10628487_10152764894533223_1802285371329317126_n







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