OUR FARM STAND IS OPEN 7am to 7pm every day of the year.

Sign up for a share of soy-free organically fed and managed pasture raised eggs from our flock of brown egg layers. Our hens forage on bugs and pasture when the grass is growing, and have access to the outdoors and are fed certified organic soy-free grain year round. We rotate the hens in their pasture in order to produce a superior egg that’s good for you and delicious.

Our eggs are available for sale at our farm stand in Goffstown. Buy them for $7.50/dozen already packed, $18/flat, or pack your own for $7.20/dozen. Our eggs are also occasionally available at A Market in Manchester.

You can sign up for our egg CSA any time of the year by clicking the yellow button!

Egg CSA Link







Egg CSA Link


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