OUR FARM STAND IS OPEN 7am to 7pm every day!

Buy our Milk at the farm stand, or join our CSA!

Our milk is raw and whole. It has cream that rises to the top and it’s deep yellow from the grass that makes it. It’s at the heart of European culture in the ecosystems of the temperate climates. It’s the milk that we have evolved to drink.


Our cows are Jersey cows that live on pasture day and night through the growing season and eat grass and herbs. They are managed intensively through planned rotation to provide them with the optimal nutrition, so that they can make the most nutritious milk. In this process they build topsoil, sequester carbon in the ground and live to the full extent of their being. In the winter they eat dry and fermented hay. They always get sea salt and minerals to complete their diet.

Our cows graze pastures that are USDA certified organic by the NH Department of Agriculture Markets and Food. We adhere to standards set forth by international Organic standards including and beyond: no hormones, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and no GMOs. We also partner with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for optimal soil nutrient management and improvement, conservation and biodiversity. All of this contributes to a healthy environment and food and ultimately happy lives for all of us.

Contact us at, or call us at (603) 801-7056. 

Where and how do I pick up?

– We are located at 97 Shirley Hill Rd, Goffstown.


How fresh is the milk / how long does it last?

– Milk is milked never more than 48 hours before pick-up day. We guarantee one week of freshness if properly refrigerated (below 45◦)

There aren’t any bottles left in the retail fridge. Can I just take one of the bottles in the CSA fridge?

No way! Please leave the bottles behind the day of the week signs. Those are reserved for shareholders!

What about bottles?3f876a5edfe954826a32e702bce7e1af

Milk comes in our glass bottles. There is a $2 refundable deposit on each bottle. Return your old bottles clean or well-rinsed to the crate by the fridge when you pick up your next milk. Since we wash each bottle by hand we really appreciate it when the bottles come back without residue. You can throw the lid in your home recycling bin since we use fresh lids each time.



More Questions?

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