Dairy CSA Shares

OUR FARM STAND IS OPEN 7am to 7pm every day!

We offer milk, and cream CSA sign ups any time of the year! Sign up for one product or all.


MILK: Join the CSA and pick it up weekly at Benedikt Dairy in Goffstown. If you live on the seacoast, contact Tuckaway Farm to pick up your weekly milk there!

SUPER HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM: One share is one 8oz glass jar of cream. Pick it up weekly at Benedikt Dairy in Goffstown. 

Milk CSA

You can learn more by reading through the following common questions, and if you have more questions, contact us at info@benediktdairy.com, or call us at (603) 801-7056. 

Why join the CSA?

– Community Supported Agriculture!

-The CSA allows us to schedule more efficiently, so that we deliver all products as fresh as possible. We can plan and reduce waste and you get the freshest product guaranteed every week.

What does it cost?

– You save $.50/bottle when you join the CSA. Every quart of milk costs $3.00/qt when you join the CSA. A share is 20 or 52 weeks of 2 bottles a week. So for a 20 week share you pay $120 and get 2 bottles of milk every week for 20 weeks.  More bottles? Simply sign up for multiple shares.

Where and how do I pick up?

– We are located at 97 Shirley Hill Rd, Goffstown. We’ll give you the details once you sign up.

How do I sign up?

– Write us an email, ask us any remaining questions and let us know which days would work for you. Fill out this form. You can send a check in the mail or ask us to invoice you so you can pay online.

What days are available?

– Availability varies by demand. Some days are more popular than others. Ask us about your preferred day and we see if it’s available. Contact Tuckaway Farm in Lee to sign up at that location for Friday milk. Benedikt Dairy pick up (Goffstown) is available most days depending on availability.

How many shares can I buy?

– As many as you wish! (and are available)

Can I pick up multiple times a week?

– Our experience has been that if properly refrigerated, milk lasts for a week without losing quality and sweetness. If you wish to come twice a week to have your milk as fresh as possible you can sign up for different shares on different days, too.


How fresh is the milk / how long does it last?

– Milk is milked never more than 48 hours before pick-up day. We guarantee one week of freshness if properly refrigerated (below 45◦)

What if I leave for vacation?

– If you need to put your subscription on hold, let us know and we will update your schedule and send you a confirmation. You will always get all the milk for which you have subscribed.

What if I want to increase the amount?

 If you would like to increase for example from 1 to 2 shares a week and you are 8 weeks in your term (12 weeks left), then you can buy another share for 12 weeks to add on, so your shares renew at the same time. We found it makes it easier for everyone this way.

What if I want to decrease the amount I get?

– If you have for example 12 weeks left on 2 shares, and you want to decrease to one share, then we merge your shares, so you would get 1 share for 24 weeks.

I have guests coming to town. Can I buy an extra bottle or two this week?

You’ll find extra bottles available for sale in the fridge shelf behind the For Sale sign. If you need a lot or if you want to guarantee we’ll have some, give us a call and place a special order.

There aren’t any bottles left in the For Sale fridge. Can I just take one of the bottles in the CSA fridge?

No way! Please leave the bottles behind the day of the week signs. Those are reserved for shareholders!

What about bottles, jars, yogurt cups and egg cartons?3f876a5edfe954826a32e702bce7e1af

Milk and cream come in our glass bottles and jars. Return your old bottles and jars clean. Since we wash each bottle by hand we really appreciate it when the bottles come back without residue. You can throw the lid in your home recycling bin since we use fresh lids each time. yogurt cups are made of recyclable polyester and can be recycled in most towns. If your town does not recycle we can recycle them here at the farm. Clean, untorn egg cartons can be returned to the farm for reuse. Otherwise recycle them in your home recycling.

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